Roberta Campos


June 6th at 9:45pm

Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater

June 8th at 9pm

Sala São Paulo, São Paulo-SP


Roberta Campos, a complete and multifaceted artist, has been leaving her indelible mark on Brazilian music. Born in Caetanópolis, Minas Gerais, Roberta discovered her passion for music at the age of 11, a passion that led her to a music career full of accomplishments.

Her musical journey began in 2008 with the release of her first independent album, “Para Aquelas Perguntas Tortas”. This was just the beginning of a series of successful albums, including “Varrendo a Lua” (Gold Album), “Diário de Um Dia”, and “Todo Caminho é Sorte” (Gold Album). The latter was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best MPB Album. Later, to celebrate a decade of her successful career, Roberta released her DVD “Todo Caminho é Sorte – Ao Vivo”, combining her most emblematic songs with new ones.

In 2021, Roberta released “O Amor Liberta”, an album that displays her artistic maturity and ability to blend various musical styles. With influences from indie, pop, folk, jazz, blues, and bossa nova, Roberta managed to create a unique sound within Brazilian popular music.

Roberta is recognized for her songs that have become soundtracks for several soap operas, having achieved, to date, the remarkable feat of 21 soundtracks, including “Abrigo”, “Minha Felicidade”, “Todo Dia” and “De Janeiro a Janeiro”. The latter, recorded with the participation of Nando Reis, was featured in 5 soap operas and garnered over 45 million views on the internet, showcasing the reach, power, and popularity of her music.

Besides her own compositions, which she creates independently, Roberta also stands out for her collaborations with other renowned artists, such as Humberto Gessinger, Nico Resende, Luiz Caldas, Hyldon, Fernanda Takai, Zélia Duncan, Carlinhos Brown, Danilo Caymmi, among other great representatives of the brazilian repertoire.

In 2023, Roberta continues to shine on stage, with scheduled performances in various locations in Brazil, Chile, and New York. Her influence on Brazilian popular music is undeniable, and she continues to innovate and express her creativity and passion for music in new and exciting ways.